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RNG (Random Number Generator) - The Brain of Mobile Slots Monster Casino RNG (Random Number Generator) - The Brain of Mobile Slots Monster Casino

RNG (Random Number Generator) – The Brain of Mobile Slots

The Random number generator is a software on the microprocessor of the mobile slots. This software is in a continuous motion generating random numbers that correspond to the symbols on the reels. Approximately, an RNG generates a value between 0 and 4 billion. It is then translated into numbers which stand for specific symbols we see on the reels of mobile slots.

How Does RNG Work in Mobile Slots?

As mentioned, RNG software is in a perpetual motion till the time the machine is turned on. The RNG uses a series of instructions to generate random numbers. These instructions are coded in the form of an algorithm on the machine. The Casino control board ensures that this software is running as it should be so that players are not cheated.

RNG (Random Number Generator) - The Brain of Mobile Slots

Each of the reels has blank spaces or symbols that are called the physical stops. The traditional slot machines had up to 20 stops and the modern machines can have up to 22 stops. To explain it further, consider this example. Imagine there are 10 stops on each reel. Hence, multiplying the total symbols we get 10x10x10 = 1000 combinations. Such a combination is called a cycle. Theoretically, it means there is one in thousand odds that a combination of 3 numbers is picked up. However, it is definitely not the case. It can be explained by considering the example of a coin being flipped 100 times. There a probability of 50 heads and 50 tails. But practically, it never happens. As one makes a million spins on the mobile slots, the numbers come close to the actual probability.

Consider an example of the actual operation of a slot machine. Consider three reels each having one Jackpot symbol say star, 2 standard symbols say an apple and 3 other symbols say a lemon and 4 blanks. One will get a win in 37 ways (including stars (1x1x1), apple (2x2x2) and lemons (3x3x3)). But there will be 963 losing combinations (3 blanks, 2 blanks with a symbol.

1 blank with two different symbols or 3 mixed symbols). These combinations are picked up thousands of time every second.

Now consider a chain of bulbs tied together in which electric current is flowing. Only one can be light be at one time. When you press the button, the bulb where the electric current reaches at that particular time lights up. If you press the button a second later, the results would be entirely different. Same is the case of RNG in mobile slots. You might hit the Jackpot only if you press the spin at that exact time when the RNG generates the corresponding numbers.

Thus, the common myth that a slot machine has a cycle and can let you know in advance when the win is coming up is totally false. The winning combinations in mobile slots are completely random and do not follow any pattern at all. So online gambling is all a matter of good luck. No one can predict if you are going to hit that massive jackpot or not.

RNG (Random Number Generator) – The Brain of Mobile Slots
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Posted On : 22/09/2016

Author : Cameron Riddell