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Relive the 90’s With the Mask Slots

The 90’s were quite an interesting time. Then, the likes of Michael Jackson ruled the airwaves, while films like Braveheart and The Mask kept us glued to the edge of our seats.
The Mask is a little dated now, but no less amazing. The popularity is such that the gaming developers have even created the Mask slots game based on it. If you a fan of this movie, we present some little-known facts that will help you better appreciate and understand this masterpiece.

Relive the 90’s With the Mask Slots

Fact About the Movie on which The Mask Slots are Based

1. It’s based on a comic book from Dark Horse Comics.

2. The Mask was actually supposed to have a dark and violent theme. This, however, collapsed once irreverent comic Jim Carrey was hired.

3.Toothsome: Remember those largish teeth on the Mask character? They were actually meant to be used in non-speaking roles. Until Carrey contrived to talk with them.

4. Hey, Papa! : Carrey apparently modelled his character on his dad. Weird!

5.Wonderful Jim Carrey: Around a truckload of money was saved on special effects. This was because Carrey’s acting was so bizarre and cartoonish that surprisingly no digital touch up was required.

6.Camerons’ Debut: The Mask was Cameron Diaz’s first movie role.

7.Wet Condom: Remember when The Mask pulled out a wet condom? It was a total improvisation.

8. Ghostbusters Connection: Turns out that the place where the Mask character takes his car to be repaired is the Ghostbuster’s firehouse.

9.Dirty Harry: Carrey performed a Dirty Harry impression in the movie. And that is fitting because he starred in The Dead Pool.

10. Sequel Anyone?: Carrey was offered $10 million for a sequel but refused.

11.Zoot Suit: The zoot suit The Mask character wore was modelled on the one Carrey’s mom sewed for his very first stand-up job.

12.Good Doggy: The dog Milo was not well-trained. That can be seen in the scene where Carrey tries to stuff cash in his closet.

13. Coco Bongo: This is actually the name of Carrey’s nightclub in Mexico.

14.Cartoon Lovers: Both Carrey and his character shared a love for cartoons.

15.Cartoon Lovers 2: Due to his love for cartoons, Carrey made sure to behave just like a slew of his favourite cartoon characters.

16.Spicy Meatball: The spicy meatball comment before the bomb is swallowed references a heartburn relief commercial.

17.Oh Cameroon: Anna Nicole Smith was initially considered for the role of Tina Carlyle.

18.Moolah: Carrey got paid a “measly” $450,000 for his role. His next movie netted him $7 million.

19.Double Up: Diaz’s singing double was the prolific Susan Boyd.

20.Dance. Dance. Dance!: The Coco Bongo dancing scene was all Carrey.

21. The Mask rules: The Mask garnered widespread praise for its lead character.

22. An even Dozen: Poor Cameron Diaz had to audition a dozen times before she got the part!

23. Oh Dear!: Nintendo Power Magazine held a contest to pick someone to star in the Mask sequel starring Jim Carrey. Only it never happened.

24. Get Masked: The likes of Steve Martin, Martin Short and Matthew Broderick were considered before Carrey was picked.

25. So Scary!: Cameron Diaz got rather horrified when Carrey took off his mask and for good reason.

26. Oh Sally Field!: Remember the Mask’s acceptance speech? It references the one Sally Field gave in 1985 on winning the best actress award.

Playing The Mask Slots at Monster Casino

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Relive the 90’s With the Mask Slots
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