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Reducing the House Edge: Quick Help Reducing the House Edge: Quick Help

Reducing the House Edge: Quick Help

Reducing the house edge: Quick help

When you play an online casino game or go down to a casino in real life, you know that the rules are fixed, which is final and sure. One more thing which is final and sure is the casino house edge, and you cannot change this theoretical return to the house. In order to develop a strategy and improve your chances of winning, you need to understand what the house edge is and how the casino takes advantage of it. 

The house has a hidden edge which is the difference between theoretical return to the player and actual return to the player and is based on poor gaming. This is an edge many people know about. However, there is another edge called the ‘secondary edge’, which the house takes advantage of when it gives you two options of the same game. No matter which game you play, these two statistical edges will always work in the casino’s favour, and that ends up as the casino’s profit. 

What exactly is the Casino House Edge? 

You can understand the house edge with the example of a game; we’ll take roulette as an example. In case of roulette, if you play by betting on a single number and win, the casino pays you 35-to1 odds. This is a very great return but the probability of the ball landing on a single number is actually less than 1-in-35. Different roulettes have different probabilities, where European Roulette has a probability of 1-in37, American Roulette has a probability of 1-in-38 while Sands Roulette has an even lower probability of 1-in-39. In general, the house edge in such a game is 5%, meaning that for every 1 dollar bet, the casino keeps 5 cents as profits and returns the remaining 95 cents as winnings to the player. 

Casinos are designed in such a way that they are profitable in the long run, and this house edge helps them in it, 


and one of the main reasons for casinos becoming profitable is that they know they can’t beat every player every time. Instead, they get a percentage of the total bets placed by all players. People are generally aware of the house edge the casino has but they also know that this house edge will work for the casino in the long run, and so they get attracted to playing casino games to earn winnings in the short run.

The house can always increase its edge by changing the rules, but you cannot increase your edge by changing the rules of the game. Instead, you can actually work on the hidden edge and the secondary edge by using your mind to reduce the house edge. Before that, you need to know about the general house edge in some of the most popular casino games

  • Blackjack – 8%
  • Crap – 1.4%
  • Baccarat – 1.06% for Banker and 1.24% for Player
  • Keno – 25% to 29%
  • Sic Bo – 2.78% to 33%

The house edge is always there, and there is no way to avoid it. But the knowledge and information of some standardized edge rules will help you in choosing the game you want to play and may even increase your odds at the game. 

Reducing the house edge: Quick help

Reducing the House Edge

You have to apply different strategies in different casino games to reduce the house edge. First and the most important thing that you can do is to memorize the basic and standard rules of the game. If you don’t even know the basics of the game, there is no chance that you will be able to successfully play the game and an even lower chance of winning at it. 

Blackjack is a game where the house edge is quite volatile, and you need a certain amount of skill and determination to win the game. The whole game is designed in such a way to make you pay before the dealer plays, which isn’t fair because if you bust out, then it doesn’t matter what the dealer’s cards are. Understand the ‘soft 17’ rule to shift the odds in your favour. 

In craps, there is a certain level of edge control the gambler has. Depending on where you choose to place your money, the house edge varies wildly. It can range anything between 1.52% to 16.67%, depending on the choice of your bet. 

The players can’t do much to improve their chances of winning, but they can do too much to reduce their chances of winning. The house edge does not apply to the amount you start with, but the amount you bet with and the casino actually count on that, because your bets will increase if you win one game also.

Reducing the House Edge: Quick Help
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