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Play Online Hi Lo Blackjack at Monster Casino Play Online Hi Lo Blackjack at Monster Casino

Play Hi Lo Blackjack at Monster Casino

Online Hi Lo Blackjack is full of splendid gameplay options and great rewards. A part of the Blackjack Gold series developed by renowned gaming company Microgaming, you can get to play this superb game at Monster Casino. The rules of the game are in similarity with the European variant of Blackjack with some minor variations. To add to the rules, players have a user-friendly interface along with excellent graphics. Attractive gameplay options, such as side bets have made it quite popular among both novices and professional players. Those who love card games should definitely try this one to get profitable.

Play Hi Lo Blackjack at Monster Casino

Online Hi Lo Blackjack has Rules Similar To European Blackjack

Usually, online Hi Lo Blackjack is played by making use of two standard decks that do not have jokers. As a player, you have to shuffle the cards before coming up with each deal. The wagering amount can range from 1 and can go up to £200 for each hand. Being the European version of Blackjack, the player acting as the croupier is able to deal with only 1 card. This card can be dealt face up. Apart from this, the overall rules of the game more or less remain the same to conventional European Blackjack. Some of the other variations are:

  • A player is able to make a double on a hard 9, 10 or 11, while the dealer can make a stand on any 17
  • Only one split is allowed, and a double is not allowed after a split
  • It is not possible to split 10 value cards of various ranks

Online Hi Lo Blackjack has an attractive insurance feature if the dealer has a face-up ace. In that case, the score for boxes is higher in comparison to the dealer’s cards. Usually, the calculation is done in the box – 1:1 and Blackjack – 3:2 manner. As a player, you also can utilise the side bet feature in this game. The side bets are located on the right side of the basic card box. The maximum side bet amount cannot exceed 19 pounds. Moreover, it is only allowed in addition to the basic bet.

You can Customize The Gaming Interface As Needed

The interface of online Hi Lo Blackjack is user-friendly, and you can select the design of the interface. Moreover, you can customize the gameplay options and design elements. You can utilise the Change Table feature to customize the interface and design elements. It also needs to be mentioned that the design of the game is fully compatible with mobile platforms as well.
If you are looking to play online Hi Lo Blackjack, Monster Casino is the right choice. It is a one-stop shop where you get to choose from a plethora of online casino games. There are attractive rewards and superb bonuses and promotions as well.

Play Hi Lo Blackjack at Monster Casino
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Posted On : 21/12/2017

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