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How to Play American Roulette Game Online?

Online American Roulette ranks among the most popular online casino Roulette games that you can play. It is known for providing players with an enjoying gameplay experience and of course quite a lot of rewards. In this variant of the Roulette game, the RTP percentage is quite high that provides players with better chances to win. As gambling became popular in the US, American Roulette came into existence with certain variations of the original French Roulette game. While it has simple rules, it is much more challenging than the French counterpart.

How to Play American Roulette Game Online?

Online American Roulette has Different Rules from European Roulette

Compared to the European version, online American Roulette has 38 pockets. Moreover, the placement of the wheel is always at the end of the Roulette table, with the betting section placed at either side of the wheel. The main significance of American Roulette is the 00 pocket, which does not exist in the European variant. This extra pocket also increases the stakes of the players to some extent and lowers the chances of winning. The house edge of the American Roulette game increases to 5.26%. As a result, it is important that you devise the right strategies to play this game and win rewards.

Tips to Play Online American Roulette

To start off, you need to place chips on the Roulette board according to the guess when the croupier spins the wheel. For example, you can place the bet that the ball will land on number 5, and accordingly, you need to place the chip on the fifth spot of the wheel.

After all the bets are placed, the croupier spins the wheel and players would need to wait until the ball stops. According to where the ball stops and lands, the players will win or lose based on the number predicted and some additional factors like colour or even/odd specifications.

There are certain betting techniques that you need to apply in online American Roulette. Typically, there are two kinds of bets:

  • Inside Bets
  • Outside Bets

In case of inside, the player’s wagers have low chance of winning, while in case of outside bets, there is a small payout. However, the chances of winning are much higher compared to inside bets. In most cases, croupiers keep the Roulette wheel moving always, and so it is possible to place about 30 spins in an hour. For some online variants, even the number can go up to 65. As such, you need to have a track of the playing time.

Try a Hand on American Roulette at Monster Casino

A good way to know more about online American Roulette and get accustomed to the playing rules is to try some demo versions. There are tutorial sections of most games where you can play trial versions of the games. Once you are confident, you can start playing for real. There are premier online casino sites like Monster Casino where you can try your hand at this variant of online Roulette game.

How to Play American Roulette Game Online?
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Posted On : 15/03/2018

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