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Play Megajackpots Slots Online at Monster Casino Play Megajackpots Slots Online at Monster Casino

Play Megajackpots Slots Online at Monster Casino

Megajackpots slots are progressive slots that are meant for players who wish to win only big! A single win in such slots can change anyone’s life because the amount is not fixed and goes on increasing as and when the player puts in more coins.

Play Megajackpots Slots Online at Monster Casino

Megajackpots Slots – Where You Not Only Think Big

Most regular slots have a fixed jackpot amount. This sometimes makes things monotonous and does not lure everyone enough to keep on playing. However, in progressive or megajackpots slots, the case is different. The interest of players’ only increases in such slots as the jackpot amount keeps on rising. More coins the player puts in, the amount rises. For every coin you put in, a percentage of that adds up to the jackpot amount. This jackpot amount ultimately becomes so huge that it can be a life-changing amount!

Spin it on Megajackpots Slots at Monster Casino!

Monster Casino has two very interesting progressive slots to offer to its players, one is Megajackpots Isle O’ Plenty, and the other one is Megajackpots Cleopatra. Let us know a little bit more about both of these amazing slots.

Megajackpots Isle O’ Plenty

This slot is much more than just a Megajackpot slot. The theme of this slot is itself quite magical with colourful graphics, free spins, the leprechaun, and the wild rush feature. There are two ways by which a player can win the big jackpot. One is by hitting four Megajackpot symbols in the middle reel, and the other one is the Behind the scene second chance spins.

There are many bonus symbols in the slot that make it a highly rewarding game. Lighthouses and castles are among them and they even trigger free spins for you. With up to 24 free spins to claim, the fun reaches its peak with the Leprechaun’s Magic, who can turn the top reel into wilds entirely. A lot goes on this fun-filled Megajackpots Isle O’ Plenty slots!

Megajackpots Cleopatra

This slot will make you win in the Ancient Egyptian style! The queen will make you feel no less than the royalty itself when you win the megajackpot here! Adorned with jewels, this slot will take you back in time to the Ancient Egypt. From the symbols to the treasure, everything you find here on this slot is all about royalty. It takes five Mega jackpot symbols to win 10,000 times worth jackpot here, and if these five symbols are on the centre reels, then there is no stopping you from winning the megajackpot. Apart from that, the wins in the free games also offer triple the amount.

Spin for the Win!

Both the megajackpots slots are fun to play along with offering big wins. Play them now on Monster Casino to get an experience of a lifetime, and who knows you might even win some life-changing mega jackpot here!

Play Megajackpots Slots Online at Monster Casino
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Posted On : 19/01/2017

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