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Play the Classic Cleopatra-themed Slots at Monster Casino Play the Classic Cleopatra-themed Slots at Monster Casino

Play the Classic Cleopatra-themed Slots at Monster Casino

Online casino games based on Egyptian themes are very popular. Cleopatra-themed slots are especially becoming famous among players. These slot games have a lot of interesting graphics and exciting features.
Usually, the Cleopatra-themed slots have a wide range of Egyptian symbols. The queen herself is one of the symbols. Other symbols include pyramids, scarabs and sphinx. This will take you right into ancient Egypt!

Play the Classic Cleopatra-themed Slots at Monster Casino

Cleopatra – the Classic Cleopatra-themed Slots Game!

This simple and classic slot game is one of the oldest. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines and comes with some charming graphics which makes it very attractive. It gives huge payouts. The bonus rounds can make you win huge prizes! The Free spins feature of the game gives an astounding 180 free spins! It also gives a 3 times multiplier. Cleopatra is the wild symbol. It appears randomly during the base game. It can also appear during the free spins. The wild helps the players land a winning payline.
The game offers another bonus feature. The 10,000 coin jackpot is won by landing 5 Cleopatra symbols on the reels of this Cleopatra slots!

Cleopatra Plus

This slots is an exciting and classic Cleopatra-themed game. It also has 5 reels and 20 paylines. It features many Egyptian citations. The stunning reels are set on a black backdrop. This game has colourful graphics. This gives the game attractive look. Cleopatra is the wild symbol in the game. The wild symbol doubles the value of wins. Cleopatra Plus slots game has a unique feature called level up. Players can win rewards by level up, spin the wheels, and win! On the top of the reels are two symbols. One is the logo resembling a bird, and the other is a counter. If the pharaoh symbols appear on the reels, the counter increases. When the counter gets full, a bonus map is offered. This map can be utilised to activate a bonus!
The Cleopatra bonus gets activated if three or more pharaoh symbols appear.

Queen of Riches – Another Spectacular Cleopatra-themed Slots!

This slot game offers a royal feel. The jewel-studded reels can give you enormous wins! The game itself has a 6×7 grid. There are 7 symbols on each reel. This slot has 2 bonus features. One is full reel wilds feature, and the other is the Real Clone feature.
The Cleopatra wild gives a 7x multiplier if a payline is formed through the wild. Also, the full reel wilds feature replaces all the symbols on the wheel into a wild. Get a 49 times multiplier when two wild reels make a winning combination!
The Real clone feature has identical reels coming up randomly during the game. Up to 6 identical reels will be created. The full wild feature also helps in making huge wins I Queen of Riches slots.

Where to play these exciting slots?

Every casino player gets attracted to Cleopatra-themed slots. Their charm and fun factor are unmatchable! Monster Casino is the best place to play Cleopatra themed games. It gives you additional offers and a user-friendly interface. Players never go back once they start playing at Monster Casino!

Moreover, all the games are compatible with mobile devices. So, you can play anywhere! The online casino is licensed in the UK, making it reliable.
A safe and enjoyable gaming experience waits for you at Monster Casino!

Play the Classic Cleopatra-themed Slots at Monster Casino
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