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How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online?

So, what does white sand, blue deep sea, pan music, seafood and carnival remind you? If you guessed it as the Caribbean Island, you are right. And if you did not guess it right, you probably need a holiday to this part of the world! And if you are an avid online casino player, you can take your guess further to online Caribbean Stud Poker game.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online?

What does Online Caribbean Stud Poker have for Online Casino Players?

The classic five-card poker has seen a lot of twists and turns to it. Online Caribbean Stud Poker is just another variation of the classic game. What makes this variation unique? It is the fact that players play the game against the house and not each other. So, no need to get your poker face on and bluff other players. This feature increases the simplicity of the game. This also makes the game popular among those who want to have a good go at the game without investing too much money by playing the demo version or playing just for fun.

Here are the Thumb rules

The gameplay for online Caribbean Stud Poker is pretty simple to understand and follow.

  • Players see the regular and familiar green table with chips placed on the right-hand side.
  • There are three buttons marked Raise, Fold, and Deal. These are the game controls.
  • The centre has two white circle buttons. One marked Ante and the other is Raise.
  • Clicking on the chip allows a player to place the bet. With every simultaneous click on the chip, the bet will be increased by the value of the chip.
  • The betting range varies from £1- £500.
  • The start of the game sees five cards dealt to the player by the Dealer. Another five cards are with the dealer.
  • The dealer is required to reveal one of the cards with him/her. Thus, the player has a view of 6 cards in all.
  • Online Caribbean Stud Poker then requires the player to place their bet.
  • Once the bets have been finalized, the dealer shows his remaining four cards.
  • The Dealer qualifies if he holds a King and an Ace, or a pair, or any other high-ranked card.


  • You, the player is a winner if:
    ◦ you did raise the bet and the dealer did not qualify;
    ◦ or you hold cards having a higher value than the Dealer;
    ◦ or you placed £ 1 in the jackpot and hit a flush or higher.


  • You lose it if:
    ◦ you fold;
    ◦ or the Dealer did qualify and holds higher ranked cards.

• If you lose the hand, you lose the wager and the ante.
• If you manage to have a tie, the raise and ante are pushed.
• In case the Dealer does not qualify, those who played a raise have their bets pushed, while those who played ante have their bets paid off.

The Jackpot

• If the player is willing to play progressive Jackpot in Online Caribbean Stud Poker, all he/she needs to do is press a Red Button on the screen.
• Players get to play this side bet, even if the dealer does not qualify.
• The red coin button should be clicked before the deal button is hit.
• You know the jackpot is on when the button lights up.

Try the Game Now at Monster Casino!

So, rejuvenate your senses with some fresh coconut, seafood and Online Caribbean Stud Poker and enjoy the beach holiday! Login at Monster Casino today and have a flawless experience.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online?
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Posted On : 06/03/2018

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