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Play the all-new Blazing Star Slots today | Monster Casino Play the all-new Blazing Star Slots today | Monster Casino

Play the all-new Blazing Star Slots today!

With the brand-new Blazing Star Slots, it looks as if the gaming developers have discovered a time machine and travelled to the 90s. Blazing Star Slots gives us the feel of the 90s when the gaming parlours were equipped with exciting pinball machines, CDs were the latest trend and almost every casino and pub must have one fruit-ball slot machine. This slot machine attracts the gamblers and they enjoy playing it. Blazing Star Slots is a splendid recreation, and it can indeed be called the perfect tribute to casinos of old times.

Play the all-new Blazing Star Slots today!

Watch the Blaze of Wins on Blazing Star Slots

  • Simplicity is the key

Slot games are popular because of the simplicity they offer, and they hardly test the mental aptitude or skill of the players. Generally, it is believed that the overall experience of the slot machine depends on its gameplay. Simpler and smoother the gameplay, excellent is the gaming experience.

And Blazing Star slot machine pass the test of simplicity emphatically. This slot machine features 5 reels and a maximum of 5 paylines. And these exclusive winning odds will definitely make your journey worth it.

According to the latest slot survey, it is discovered that there are only a few slots that award a good payout for 2 matching icons on the reels. And Blazing Star Slot machine is one of those. Along with these features, it also offers music that you will love.

Winning Tricks for Blazing Star Slots

Here’s a look at the winning tricks for the online version. To kick off the game, you first need to make a wager and push the spin button. And the coin value ranges from a minimum of 5 cents to £10. There are no free spins available but still, it can win you some big payouts.

Your payout depends on the combo of three important factors. These factors are:

  • Identical icons are on active paylines
  • Your betting amounts
  • And equivalent payout factor

For an example, then if you bet £1 and line up 3 identical icons with a payout factor of 6 then you become £6 richer!
This amazing slot released in January offers an RTP of 96.31% and is available on desktop as well as mobile versions.

Monster Casino provides a great online platform to try the Blazing star slots. It is an ideal casino to play many other live casino games like Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. So, login to Monster casino and experience Blazing Star in its full fiery.

Play the all-new Blazing Star Slots today!
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Post Name : Play the all-new Blazing Star Slots today!

Posted On : 04/01/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell