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New Online Casino Trends 2019: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Online Casinos

Online Casino Trends 2019: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & More

Would you like to know how the gambling industry fared in the last year and what 2019 has in reserve? The 2019 expects remarkable developments in a few areas. These include changes in the land-based casinos and the impact of cryptocurrency in the online casino industry. The charm of playing at land-based casinos remains unmatched for many. Online casinos have already embraced the developments in Virtual Reality and Live-Dealer games. People follow gambling videos on YouTube and read blogs, which add to the revenue. These areas will see an upward trend in the year to come.

New Online Casino Trends 2019: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Online Casinos

Launch and Expansion Of Brick-And-Mortar Casinos

If you were looking for new brick casinos this year, there’s some good news awaiting you. There are new ones coming up at Durham Live district in the Pickering city of Canada. Also, the Corona Resort on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam will see a new casino establishment in 2019.

The former location will bring job opportunities to the local population. Additionally, the revenue will be generated from foreign tourists. The latest news indicates the installation of around 2000 slot machines at Corona Casino. Also, there will be a provision for 200 table games. All this is along with the extension of the hotel property with new rooms and restaurants.

 Trends in 2019

With the increase in online casino users, both casinos and players are looking forward to an expansion. Also, efforts are made to integrate the land casino fervour with enhancing the live casino technology. Thus, the focus could be on facilitating a seamless platform for Virtual Reality. It is estimated that the VR gambling market value will cross £500 billion by 2021.

The Future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

You must have come across casinos accepting cryptocurrencies. While these digital currencies have been in use since quite some time, the casino industry has shown affirmative trends. Last year, around December, Bitcoin experienced its all-time high price of around £20,000 per bitcoin. Though there have been quite a few other forms of cryptocurrencies in circulation, such as Litecoin and Ethereum, Bitcoin has been widely popular. However, Litecoin and Ethereum have also seen steady growth in their value. This signifies that other cryptocurrencies are also gaining prominence opening up doors for larger transaction choices at casinos.

These developments indicate that both land-based casinos and online versions will emerge a lot.

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Post Name : Online Casino Trends 2019: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & More

Posted On : 04/01/2019

Author : Cameron Riddell