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Mobile Gaming Controllers to Improve iGaming Experience Mobile Gaming Controllers to Improve iGaming Experience

Mobile Gaming Controllers to Improve iGaming Experience

Mobile gaming has taken quite a pace with faster processors and larger memory. Multiplayer gaming is growing rapidly as a trend with access to high-speed internet. Mobile casino gaming offers many advantages like portability, less set-up cost, and the option to play with multiple players.

But there are a few reasons that still make serious gamers choose other options over mobile for gaming. These reasons are small screen size and less powerful components. If you do not have any mobile gaming controller, your gaming experience may also be much less immersive. Mobile gaming also lacks the comfort of dedicated gaming set up like a PlayStation.

Mobile Gaming Controllers to Improve iGaming Experience

What if we tell you that with a few accessories and gear, you can make your iGaming experience much more immersive and enjoyable. That too, without spending a fortune. Many companies have started manufacturing dedicated mobile gaming controllers just for the smartphone gaming audience. 

Use a mobile gaming controller

Even with the large screen mobile phones, touchscreens are not comfortable and take up much space on the gameplay screen. It’s hard to hold a mobile properly and push buttons at the same time. Often times, because the screen is smooth, your fingers tend to slip. In fact, touchscreens are much more difficult than a keyboard or a mouse.

This is why it is better to use a mobile gaming controller. It looks just like a PlayStation or Xbox controller. You can connect them either with the MicroUSB or Bluetooth. Bluetooth is preferable, so you don’t have to worry about the cables. It also makes the set up lighter.

You will still need to check if your game supports a mobile gaming controller. Some games, if they are old, do not support but with time, more and more game developers are adding support for controllers.

Connect a bigger screen 

Smartphones are easy to hold and carry, and you can play them anywhere. But the screen size, even in the bigger smartphones, is much smaller than other gaming platforms. We think that screen size is really important in creating an immersive iGaming experience.

When you’re at home, and a TV is available, you can connect the TV to your smartphone. With this, you can get a much better picture and sound quality. You can easily display your mobile screen on the TV with the help of AirPlay or the Chromecast. The whole experience is much better with a mobile gaming controller.

There are also TVs with Chromecast built-in. You can also convert your TV into a smart TV with the help of Apple TV or the Chromecast. 

Mobile Gaming Controllers to Improve iGaming Experience

Wireless headphones 

The sound quality on smartphones is something that’s just bad, no matter how better it gets. It can never come close to the quality that headphones offer. Sound is an important part of the gaming experience. Especially when you are playing action games. Along with a big screen and a mobile gaming controller, add a pair of great headphones to your accessory list.

Wireless headphones are better because with wireless headphones, you do not have the issue of latency and there are no long cables surrounding you like a python after 2 hours of gaming. You also don’t need to worry about the cables tangling.

With wireless headphones, you can also play any game anywhere, even in public spaces like train or bus. 

Switch on the gaming mode 

Many Android phones now come with a gaming mode feature that can be enabled in the settings. This feature keeps more share of the processor for the game and reduces other background activities slowing down your game.

You can disable auto-brightness, higher screen sensitivity, and calls, and notifications just ring but do not come up on the screen. Some phones even have built-in support for a mobile gaming controller. 

Use ‘Discord’ and connect with friends 

Gaming is more fun when you play with friends. Use a Discord server to let your friends know what you are playing so they can see you playing and even join you. You can even voice chat, and it’s like everyone is there with you. 

Use ethernet or 5GHz network 

4G may be the fastest mobile network, but it’s much slower than the ethernet. If your online gaming experience is being ruined by latency, maybe it’s because of the 4G network.

Try connecting to the ethernet and enjoy much faster speeds. 

Mobile Gaming Controllers to Improve iGaming Experience
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Post Name : Mobile Gaming Controllers to Improve iGaming Experience

Posted On : 12/02/2020

Author : Cameron Riddell