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iPhone 7 - Game Changer or Just Hype? | Monster Casino iPhone 7 - Game Changer or Just Hype? | Monster Casino

iPhone 7 – Game Changer or Just Hype?

With the latest iPhone 7 already released, the big question pops up. Is it really worth it? Well, at least the Monster Casino which is an iPhone casino has a great compatibility with the newest model. So has Apple lived up to the expectations of people? Read until the end to know if the new iPhone is any good for the iPhone casino games and also as an overall device!

iPhone Casino Games And The Latest Apple Model

iPhone 7 - Game Changer or Just Hype?

iPhone might be the biggest selling device at Apple Inc. they made record-breaking sales in the year 2014 when Apple iPhone 6 was launched. But their sales dipped considerably in 2015. Despite to this fact, it is still the fastest and the best phone available out there in the market.

So how is this model different from the previous one? Let’s explore it!

    • Well for starters, on the outside, it doesn’t look much different than the iPhone 6 or 6s. But now it comes with a new colour i.e. Jet Black.
    • It doesn’t have a headphone jack! Yes, you heard it correct. The 3.5 mm jack is now replaced with a lightning port and can be used directly to connect ear pods or with the help of an adapter that is provided.
    • It comes with a superb camera including a 7 MP front camera for selfies. The plus model comes with dual 12 MP cameras. These have great imaging capabilities and have a quality comparable to the pictures from DSLR’s.
    • It is completely water resistant. This feature was long overdue in the iPhones as it has been in the Android phones for many years now. But better late than never, the new iPhone 7 is IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof.
    • Apple has gotten rid of the 16 GB version and the base model now comes with 32 GB up to 128 GB and up to 256 GB for the plus version. This was very much required as the new iOS takes significant space and doesn’t leave any for the personal data.
    • It comes with the all new Home button that cannot be clicked and comes with the Force touch technology. So now users can simply tap the glass to get things going.

So now playing games at the iPhone casino will be even more exciting with the seamless gaming experience on the new device. Needless to say, Monster Casino is the best choice when someone is looking for a compatible iPhone casino because you won’t be disappointed here.

iPhone 7 – Game Changer or Just Hype?
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Post Name : iPhone 7 – Game Changer or Just Hype?

Posted On : 02/12/2016

Author : Cameron Riddell