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IGT's New Rumbling Elephant King Slots Now At Monster Casino!

IGT’s New Rumbling Elephant King Slots Now At Monster Casino!

Slots players are eagerly waiting for new games to be released this January. One exciting, much-awaited release is Elephant King Slots by IGT (International Gaming Technology). You will be able to play this game at several casinos from 25th January 2018 including Monster Casino. If the African savannah fascinates you, you can look forward play and wins with this new video slots game.

IGT's New Rumbling Elephant King Slots Now At Monster Casino!

Elephant King Slots comes with Big Payouts and Small Wagers

The new slot game is a part of IGT’s Game King series, where the payouts are big, and the wagers are small. Plus there are plenty of ways to win. The slots have five reels and forty paylines. They have a 3X5 layout that you’ll be familiar with. The goal is simple. Make matches of at least three symbols from left to right, for a win.

Symbols include the four card suits – spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. Match these for standard payouts. For higher payouts, match the different Savannah animals. If you match more than three icons in a row, you score bigger rewards. You’ll find icons of gazelles, rhinos and zebras to spice up your Savannah experience. Of course, the highest payouts come from matching the African elephant symbols. If you get five elephants in a row, you get a whopping 500 credits.

The game has a 94.9% RTP. When you make £100 bets on a machine with a 94.9% RTP, you can expect to get back £94.9 in wins.

Savannah Exploration

The Elephant King slots layout features jungle and savannah scenes. Besides the animals of the African grasslands, you’ll find jungle animals like monkeys and tigers. Some cool sound bytes will remind you of the savannah. The sunny landscape is gorgeous and mellow.

Special Symbols in Elephant King Slots

There are a few special features that you will find in the game. There are the usual Wild icons, which you can use to substitute and complete winning combinations. There aren’t any Scatter icons to unlock special bonuses and mini-games. Instead, you’ll find bonus symbols that appear on the fifth, third and first reels. Every time a bonus symbol appears, the prize will be displayed above that reel. Prizes could be free spins, an instant cash deposit and other goodies.

You also get to play one bonus game where you’re awarded free spins. This game is triggered when three elephants stop on the three middle reels (2,3 and 4). The gigantic elephant king then appears, and trumpets announce the bonus round. Each free spin is accompanied by animation.

Elephant King Slots is going to be a fun game with some interesting features. It is a classic slots game, but it does have some unique features. The prize disc adds an element of excitement to the game. The animal theme is charming and reminds one of the great African savannah and jungles. Anyone who enjoys slots will want to try out this new game when it releases this month at the Monster Casino.

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Post Name : IGT’s New Rumbling Elephant King Slots Now At Monster Casino!

Posted On : 25/01/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell