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Gonzo's Quest - The Most Popular Online Slot Game? Gonzo's Quest - The Most Popular Online Slot Game?

Gonzo’s Quest – The Most Popular Online Slot Game?

Gonzo's Quest - The Most Popular Online Slot Game

Monster Casino vows to bring to you the best collection of slot games, and in the quest to do so, we bring to you Gonzo’s Quest. It is one of the most popular online slot games by the very popular developer NetEnt. This slot came out in 2010, and since then has been a favourite among the slot players throughout the world.

Inspiration for Gonzo’s Quest

If the name Gonzo does ring a bell, then you might have guessed it is based on the adventures of the Spanish explorer Gonzalo Pizarro. He is known as the only explorer who had put in effort to find El Dorado, a lost city in South America. In the 16th Century, Gonzalo, along with his brother set on a conquest. Sadly, they couldn’t complete their journey and lost their lives on a battlefield. El Dorado was anticipated to be a mythical city, which could only be reached through a route of the deadly Peruvian jungle. And this is exactly what you will find on the reels of Gonzo’s Quest slot.

What does Gonzo’s Quest Look Like?

The background of the five reels, three rows, and twenty paylines is that of a lively forest, where Gonzo is in his quest for the mythical city. The reels do not spin like any other slot, and this is where the difference can be seen why this slot is one of the best. The slot carries in it the Avalanche feature, where the reels do not spin but fall from the top. The symbols here are also interesting, mostly different faces in unique patterns and colours.

Let the Game Begin..

The slot begins on a simple note where you set your bets and hit the spin button. The fun really begins when you get a winning sequence. As soon as you hit one, the symbols involved will fall off and the new symbols will take their place – landing in a fancy way. This is the Avalanche feature, which goes on until there are no more wins. But the real charm of the game is felt in the Free Fall feature. Getting three of the freefall symbols activates this feature, where you get ten continuous freefalls. It is during this feature that you can win the most! This is where, probably, most of the El Dorado’s gold is hidden!

Why is this Slot so Popular?

The slot might have limited features, but when this slot was launched in 2010, video slots had just come up. This slot managed to put a high benchmark for its competition with its amazing graphics, animations, and appealing background score. Of course, it is the story of the video slot that makes it more intriguing. All in all, credit goes to NetEnt for coming up with an evergreen slot! Gonzo’s Quest is still a popular choice among slot lovers. Whether you are a beginner or an addict, this slot is the best you can have!

Gonzo’s Quest slots is a simple yet entertaining slot. As soon as the slot loads and the story flows, you are taken to the forest of Peru and you are almost in Gonzo’s shoes! Gear up to be a part of this dangerous adventure and win some serious money!

Gonzo’s Quest – The Most Popular Online Slot Game?
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Post Name : Gonzo’s Quest – The Most Popular Online Slot Game?

Posted On : 23/06/2016

Author : Cameron Riddell