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Gambling Tipping Etiquette: A must-read Gambling Tipping Etiquette: A must-read

Gambling Tipping Etiquette: A must-read

Gambling Tipping Etiquette: A must-read
If you are someone who belongs to the younger generation, tipping is one of those things that totally confuse us. There are endless questions that plague us, especially when it comes to casino gaming. Apart from having fundamental questions about tipping in a casino, including when to tip, were to tip, whom to tip, and whether tipping is something compulsory we have other more complicated doubts like how much to tip and what are the situations in which we should absolutely not miss tipping. Given the fact that tipping can be complicated, especially when talking about casino gaming, here are some of the gambling tipping tips you shouldn’t miss.

The fundamentals of tipping

Basically, let us first discuss the fundamental of tipping, which is where, when and whom to tip. If we are talking about conventional casino gaming, tipping is universal. Right from the person who greets you at the door to the person who is dealing with your cards, it is expected that you tip everyone who you come in contact with. Basically a business based on catering to the convenience of the customer, people involved in casino business right from the lowly bell boy to the mighty maître go out of the way to make the customer comfortable. Hence, as a customer, you are expected to tip each, and every one of them and the amount you tip varies according to who you are tipping.

Is the dealer included or excluded

One of the most troubling questions with respect to tipping, especially in the casino gaming industry is, is it expected that we tip the dealer. Though the dealer is the actual person we deal with in casino gaming, especially when indulging in our favourite casino game, most people are still doubtful about tipping the dealer. Basically, the dealer is so professional and put together that people will find it hard to know whether or not to do it. But in general, if it is expected that you have to tip others, it is expected that you have to tip the dealer.

Gambling Tipping Etiquette: A must-read

Is there a right way to tip a dealer?

If the system of tipping is prevalent at the casino gaming place you are at, it is essential that you tip the dealer. As a matter of fact, we can’t stress the importance of tipping the dealer enough since he will be the one you will be directly interacting with when playing the casino games. Hence, tipping is a great way to ensure that he is on your side. But then you should also remember that there is a right way to tip a dealer. Just stuffing a few dollars into the dealer’s hand will look a bit shifty and it is an awkward way tip too. So, what is the right way to tip a dealer?

Generally, dealers work in shifts; so the best way to tip your current dealer is to wait until he leaves the table at the end of his shift. A tip of a minimum of $5 per session is generally expected. Another great way to tip the dealer is to bet on his behalf; just make a separate bet and make sure to indicate that it is for the dealer. And it is important that you tip the dealer in the occasion you win, especially if you win big. The general norm is to tip 5% of your winnings.

Tipping norms can vary depending on the country you are in

Though tipping, especially when it comes to casino gaming is a norm in the other countries might not be the same in other countries. In countries like Japan and a few European countries tipping isn’t actually the norm; in fact, there are countries where the concept of tipping is even frowned upon. So, before you tip, it is better to make sure of the norms that the natives follow when it comes to tipping in casino gaming. In countries that do have this norm, make sure to find out about the minimum tipping amount that is acceptable.

Excellent service shouldn’t be relative to the amount tipped

After all, is said and done, the most critical aspect of tips that everyone should keep in mind is excellent service isn’t proportional to the amount tipped. That is, one shouldn’t be made to feel that good service won’t be accessible unless the tip is good. In fact, the reverse should be true; people should tip well depending on how good the service is.

Another aspect of tipping is, rather than focusing on quick service, one should be slightly inclined to reward for good service. Friendly people and people who go out of their way to serve customers should be the ones eligible for a good tip.

Gambling Tipping Etiquette: A must-read
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