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Dragon’s Fire Slots Now With Power Reels!

Remember the Dragon’s Fire slot and the riotous fun it made possible? Not to mention the easy wins and lusty thrills it spoiled players with. Well, Red Tiger Gaming has since released a replacement for it and this time it comes with a feature for players to get totally gaga over- Introducing Dragon’s Luck Power Reels slots!

This all-new slot goes by the funky name of Dragon’s Luck Power Reels slots- apart from being a mouthful has enough eye-candy lathered on the reels to make playing it a perfect delight!

Dragon’s Fire Slots Now With Power Reels!

Know How Powerful Dragon’s Luck Power Reels Slots Can Be

The Dragon’s Luck Power Reels slots come with a really lovable Asian theme, very colourful icons and a setting that puts it in the mountains and forests of nature. Standing guard at either side of the reels and daring you to try your worst are a couple of dragons.

The reels here are topped with a red roof and all icons are fiercely theme-related. They consist of playing cards drawn in a creative Asian style. Then there are images of a doll, flower, goldfish and a number-138.

Wins in the Dragon’s Luck Power Reels slots are capped at 3,888x the stake and the provided audio is better than what you hear at most concerts! And oh, the aforementioned dragons have another function, other than staring you in the eye! These scaly guys are also able to breathe fire in the game and when in a good mood can shuffle the featured tiles and help players rack up wins they can boast about in a bar afterwards!

For bonuses, this slot has a Dragon Coin feature, whereby a magic coin is unveiled during spins and earns its keep by boosting wins. The other bonus feature is a Mega Coin that comes in various sizes and is capable of filling up whole reels with a single dragon head icon. As you might imagine, this particular bonus means business and can send wins scratching at the max permissible level!

Conclusively, the Dragon’s Luck Power Reels slots is a quite good-looking slot and elevate time waste to something of an art! It’s glitzy, moving and eclipses the original very well.

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Dragon’s Fire Slots Now With Power Reels!
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Post Name : Dragon’s Fire Slots Now With Power Reels!

Posted On : 16/10/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell