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Differences Between the Extra Chilli and Chilli Heat Slots

Differences Between the Extra Chilli and Chilli Heat Slots

On the surface, there are precious little differences between the Extra Chilli and Chilli Heat slots. Indeed, both have a Mexican theme, boast enough gameplay features, as well as enough colour on the reels to make a hippo go blind! However, a closer look soon identifies quite a few distinguishing features that make these slots dissimilar.

Differences Between the Extra Chilli and Chilli Heat Slots

The Differences Between Chilli Heat Slots and Extra Chilli will be Discussed In Turn

Pay Now Or…!: The Chilli Heat slots certainly lives up to its name and has five reels, three rows and a fixed payline of twenty-five. This layout is standard among slots and provides a reasonable possibility of wins.
Its competitor, on the other hand, comes well-equipped, courtesy of six reels, a variable number of rows and ways to win that reach a decidedly stupendous 117,649! This easily makes it the more lucrative of the duo, with wins certain to come faster than you can imagine hitting the spin button!

Oh, the bonus and the glory! – The bonus mode in the Chilli Heat slots consists of a Free Spins mode and a Money Respin. The former involves the granting of up to 8 free spins, during which the low-value icons are not present on the reels. A total of eight more free spins can also be won during this bonus mode.
The Money Respin, on the other hand, involves a free spins mode, as well as the possibility of winning a Grand Jackpot that’s bigger than Texas! The RTP of this slot is also pegged at 95.52%

On the Extra Chilli slot, the featured bonus consists of a free spins mode, with an initial 8 free spins being awarded, and more on tap. A lucrative win multiplier is also present during this bonus feature. As is a Gamble mode where 24 more free spins can be won. In total, wins of 20,000x the stake is possible during each spin on this high volatility slot and the RTP is 96%.

Getting All Iconic! – The featured icons on the Extra Chilli slot comprise the standard playing card values and a quartet of differently coloured chillies. Of these, the most lucrative proves to be a purplish chilli that is good for up to 50x the stake. All the action in the Extra Chilli slot takes place in a Mexican food market, with chilli and garlic piled here and there.

In contrast, the Chilli Heat slots is set in front of an unnamed Mexican town. Playing card values make up the low-value icon, while a bright-eyed Chihuahua, bottles of chilli sauce, cups of tequila and a friendly, guitar-playing, heavily moustached local strumming a guitar form the high-values.

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The Chilli Heat slots and Extra Chilli do appear similar, but as discussed have significant differences that set them apart. Both are good for immense amounts of spicy fun, have bonuses that keep players digging into it for long.

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Posted On : 02/08/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell