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How to Play Blackjack Suit’em Up Online?

Blackjack is one of the most played online casinos games. And because it is played a lot, it tends to become monotonous to some as well. To break the monotony, game developing companies come up with variations of the same game of Blackjack. Blackjack Suit’em Up online is one of them. Brought to you by Felt Gaming, this version of Blackjack is very interesting to play.

Suit up to Play Blackjack Suit’em Up Online

How to Play Blackjack Suit'em Up Online?

You don’t really have to be Barney Stinson of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to play this version of Blackjack! Nor will the dealer ask you to suit up to play Blackjack Suit’em Up online. This version of Blackjack has 6 decks of cards being dealt in the game, ruling out the jokers. All the 6 decks are used at a time and are not kept aside at any point of time. The objective is simple, get as many points as you can without crossing 21. A player has the option to play with up to three hands at a time. And this also implies that the player can have either same or different bets for each hand. Just follow the below mentioned rules and you are good to go!

Rules to Play Blackjack Suit’em Up Online

1. The dealer deals 2 cards to himself and reveals one of them.
2. Insurance is only suggested when the dealer has an ace as an open card.
3. If a dealer has an ace as its revealed card, he can check for Blackjack. If the dealer hits a Blackjack, players do not get to take cards on the boxes.
4. Split can only be done once in a box.
5. After a split, Blackjack and Double is not impossible.
6. Double can be done on 9, 10 or 11 as well.
7. Surrender is not allowed.

Other Things To Keep In Mind While Playing Blackjack Suit’em Up Online

Players can also play bonus games within their game of Blackjack. While they are not really separate bets, but in case a player wins in their side bets, they are paid immediately for that. Side bets are done on the following – 2 cards of the same suit, pair of the same suit, eleven in same suit, Blackjack of same suit, and aces of same suit.

Sit Back and Enjoy!

Suit’em Up is a high quality version of your same Blackjack. Play with side bets, but do not let that divert you from your main game. Remember that you will be playing with real money, so it is important to be a responsible gambler as well! Know your bankroll and know the rules, and you are good to go. So, if you love Blackjack and are looking for a change, then this version of the mighty Blackjack is just what you need. Play now at Monster Casino to get the best experience!

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Post Name : How to Play Blackjack Suit’em Up Online?

Posted On : 29/03/2017

Author : Cameron Riddell