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Difference between Secrets of Atlantis and King of Atlantis Slots

Difference between Secrets of Atlantis and King of Atlantis Slots

Slot games are where fiction meets art and one gets to live the tale. Many games have been developed over time which is based on ancient stories, and online casino games and mobile slots are not to fall behind. Atlantis is one such theme which has spawned many stories, movies, and games. Let’s check each of the Atlantis-based mobile slots games in detail.

Difference between Secrets of Atlantis and King of Atlantis Slots

Find your Atlantis with the Amazing Mobile Slots Game

Secrets of Atlantis and King of Atlantis are two hugely popular mobile slot games which share a common theme i.e. Atlantis. That said, the slot games are very different from one another.

  • Studio — Secrets of Atlantis slots has been designed and developed by Net Entertainment, while King of Atlantis slots is a proud mobile slots game presentation of GameArt.
  • Winning mode — Secrets of Atlantis has a win-both-ways mode while King of Atlantis is a regular slot game with single side wins.
  • Music — Secrets of Atlantis has a very soothing and mystical background score that goes all with the theme of this mobile slots. King of Atlantis has no background score, but the regular whirring of reels and an occasional sound of the sea.
  • Design and Graphics — While both the mobile slots game have rich graphics and good design and colours are put in, but the difference is very pronounced. Secrets of Atlantis has a cool mystical sea blue as the game’s background colour. King of Atlantis is very flashy with the golden hues in abundance which give you a feel of being amidst the fabled treasure full of gold coins and items. The reels of Secrets melt into the background, but the one in King of Atlantis stands out all blue against the gold backdrop.
  • Symbols — The symbols used in these two mobile slots game, even though based on underwater objects, are very different from each other. Secrets of Atlantis uses jellyfish, sea turtle, crab, gems and clam. A golden mermaid is the Wild. King of Atlantis has Poseidon himself as wild. Other symbols used are a dolphin, crown, vase, harp and other treasured items.
  • Bet Range — Secrets of Atlantis mobile slots has a bet range of £20 — £200 while King of Atlantis has bet range from £40 to £1800.
  • Jackpot — Secrets of Atlantis offers a jackpot of 400 coins while King of Atlantis doles out 250x.
  • Bonus Games — Secrets of Atlantis has no bonus game or feature to it. But King of Atlantis features a bonus feature and goes by the name of Gigantic Wilds.

Overall, both the mobile slots game are true to the theme. They take you on a treasure hunt deep down the sea and amongst the ruins of an ancient fabled city. Enjoy either way to find your Atlantis. Visit Monster Casino today to have impeccable graphics and watch the great animations while playing these online slots.

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Post Name : Difference between Secrets of Atlantis and King of Atlantis Slots

Posted On : 06/02/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell