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Aloha Cluster Pays Vs Tiki Fruits Slots

According to the holy scriptures, Cain and Abel shared the same parents but were as unlike as an apple and a coconut! In the same way, quite a few online slots might share roughly the same theme but be totally different in design and execution. Two such slots are the focus of this review. They are the Tiki Fruits slots and the Aloha Cluster Pays slot and both have a solid Polynesian/Pacific island theme. The features that bring them together and then shove them apart will be discussed below.

Aloha Cluster Pays Vs Tiki Fruits Slots

Will the Tiki Fruits Slots win over Aloha Cluster Pays?

  • Drip Goes The Eye Candy!

Graphics: The Tiki Fruits slots has brilliant but cartoonish graphics and is set on some Polynesian beach. The icons on the reels are all classic fruit machine symbols like cherries and the like. Aloha Cluster Pays, on the other hand, has a trio of masks, a coconut, pineapple a shell and a flower doing duty as its icons. All that’s seemingly missing is a Polynesian raft! While the graphics on both look quite good.

  • The Paylines Which Makes the Difference

Paylines: The Aloha Cluster Pays slots as the name suggests has six reels and five rows, but no payline is present. Rather than the payline being missing in action, it was intentionally designed thus, and wins are therefore formed by players getting groups of nine and up icons anywhere within view. This can be done either vertically or horizontally and considerably simplifies gameplay, while boosting the win potential.
The Tiki Fruits slots, on the other hand, boasts 8 reels coupled to 10 paylines. Wins results in the icons that formed them vanishing, with more icons dropping from above and potentially forming more wins. With this feature, players can reasonably look forward to big and bigger payouts.

  • Tiki, Tiki Bonus!

Bonus Modes: The Tiki Fruits slots only offer a simple bonus free games mode. During this mode, a random amount of free spins is given to players, winning chances get really boosted, but more spins cannot be re-triggered from within the round.
The situation is considerably better with the Aloha Cluster Pays slots, as a duo of bonus modes are on hand.
These comprise the Sticky Win Respins and the Free Spins mode. The former results in the icons responsible for wins freezing in position, thus helping trigger a respin. The free spins mode on the other hand results in the award of up to a dozen free spins. During the course of these spins, low-value icons get eliminated and a non-winning spin continues spinning till a win is achieved. As well, more free spins can be re-triggered from within the round.

Try Them Out At Monster Casino Now!

Both the Aloha and Tiki Fruits slots have similar themes, look good and play great. They can be good for lots of fun, and it is now for the player to decide which slot to go with, based on the particular features and action to be found therein. So, take a spin today and find out for yourself!

Aloha Cluster Pays Vs Tiki Fruits Slots
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Post Name : Aloha Cluster Pays Vs Tiki Fruits Slots

Posted On : 31/07/2018

Author : Cameron Riddell