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A List of Unusual Casino Sites That Are Sure to Spellbind You! A List of Unusual Casino Sites That Are Sure to Spellbind You!

A List of Unusual Casino Sites That Are Sure to Spellbind You!

The varied types of casinos that have established in recent times, were far from imaginable a couple of decades back. Online casino sites and even the land-based casinos have come a long way extending their arms in every possible direction. However, certain situations and designs bring many casinos completely out of the blue. Some casinos fall under the unusual category because of the unique design or theme, while others become unusual with time and conditions. knowing more about these casinos can be fun for any casino lover.

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So, here is a list of the most unusual casinos that can awestruck you by their uniqueness and leave you to spellbind.

Grosvenor – Bring Home Your Casino Sites

Grosvenor Casino is one of the well-known casinos in the city of Birmingham. They decided to launch a campaign to promote their casino and it’s their idea of campaigning that helped the casino make it to this list. They came up with the idea of delivering casino to the interested homes. As eccentric as it may sound, a black cab was featured with a table, bar, a dealer, TV screen and online gambling options to reach out to anyone who wanted to play casino games.

Desert Cave – The Casino Beneath the Surface

In one of the most exotic locations of Australia, is situated this uniquely located and designed casino. Desert Cave casino, as the name suggests, is situated in the Australian desert under a cave. The casino has no windows in order to make the players actually feel cut-off from the outer world. The casino never sees the light of day and most of its games are placed beneath the earth surface making this casino sites experience unique.

Rivers Casino – A Casino Built on a Puddle

If strange locations were to be considered for making a casino unique, Rivers Casino is one of the most obvious choices. The Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois is built on a puddle. The reason why the casino sites in such a unique habitat are because the builders wanted the casino to fall under the state gambling laws, that only allowed riverboat casinos.

Trump Taj Mahal – A Stone in the Soup

This casino makes it to the list of unusual casino sites for unusual reasons. Not for its design, nor for the location, the casino is unique for its placement which is right next to a good money-making casino. Trump Taj Mahal, located in the Atlantic City, is connected to the Resorts Casino through a walkway but still sees no or very few visitors. Whereas the Resorts Casino runs fine on the business front.

Bally’s – Visit it if you are a Horror Fan

This casino makes it to the list for an unfortunate reason. This casino situated at the heart of Las Vegas is unique because it is known as the haunted casino. The roots of this haunting date back to the time when the casino was known by a different name, MGM Grand Hotel. The hotel-cum-casino caught fire and many people lost their lives. The hotel suffered huge losses and was shut down. But after a few years when the place was reopened with a different name, since then, people have reported ghost sightings on the stairwell and hallways. Visit the casino if you are a thrill freak.

Try them out!

These casino sites are exciting places and further the excitement doubles when they start to involve eccentricity as one of their elements. If you are bored and are looking for some fun experience in the casino, you can check the aforementioned casinos.

A List of Unusual Casino Sites That Are Sure to Spellbind You!
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Posted On : 19/09/2019

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