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25 Startling Facts About The Jurassic World Movie! 25 Startling Facts About The Jurassic World Movie!

25 Startling Facts About The Jurassic World Movie!

Jurassic World was the fourth movie in the series. It followed the success of the other movies in the series. Fans of Jurassic World may be amazed to read the following facts.

25 Startling Facts About The Jurassic World Movie!

A List Of The Unknown Facts from the Jurassic World

1. The T-Rex in the movie is the same one that appeared in the original movie. It even bears the scars from the fight with the Raptors.
2. The Raptor in the movie is a very poor representation of an original raptor. A real raptor is the size of a turkey along with feathers.
3. The Tylosaurus in the movie is the also much bigger than the largest marine reptile which was just 40ft compared to the 72ft in the movie. The change was made to make sense of the storyline.
4. The mosquito containing Mosasaurus blood was encased in amber. But Mosasaurus is a water animal.
5. The movie’s original storyline was about raptor humanoid soldiers. The story was changed later on.
6. Stan Winston the special effects creator for the series died in 2008. Jurassic World is the first movie in this series that doesn’t contain his work. In his honour, one of the workshops in the movie is called Winston’s.
7. The control centre used in the movie was based on the NASA control centre.
8. Bryce Dallas Howard who portrayed Claire in the movie never removed her heels even when it came to running away from the reptiles.
9. The little boy seen hugging the Dilophosaurus in the movie is Bryce Dallas Howard’s son.
10. In the scene at the visitor centre, you can see Claire walk right through the hologram. This shows her view on dinosaurs as nothing but data and not living animals.
11. The cameo by Jimmy Fallon is an acknowledgement of the original movie where he announces the safety instructions.
12. Jimmy Buffet also had a cameo in this movie. You can see his restaurant “Margaritaville” at the City Walk.
13. Nick de Semlyen, Empire Magazine’s resident Jurassic Guru appears in the character of Edmund in the scene where Mosasaurus splashes the park’s guests.
14. Chris Pratt who plays Owen in the film made a “Behind the Scenes” video for Parks and Recreation Season 2 (2010) which includes him getting a text from Steven Spielberg. The fake text was about him being cast in the fourth instalment of the Jurassic Series which is “Jurassic World”.
15. The rifle that Owen uses in the movie is a .45-70 Caliber Marlin Model 1895SBL. Though this rifle didn’t take down the Indominus Rex, it can bring down pretty much any animal in real life.
16. The names of Velociraptors in Owen’s Pack are based on the NATO Phonetic alphabet used by the military. The letters represent the position of the animal in the pack. Owen himself is the Alpha.
17. The holograms of Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus in the educational centre are from Jurassic Park (1993).
18. The movie was shot in New Orleans in the abandoned Six Flags theme park.
19. The set for the movie was constructed in the NASA Assembly Facility in New Orleans.
20. In the original movie, it is mentioned that Timmy and Lex’s mom was getting divorced. In Jurassic World, it is mentioned that Gray and Zach’s parents were getting divorced as a nod to the original movie.
21. There are a lot of Easter Eggs hidden in the scene where Zach and Gray find the original visitors centre. There is a painting of a raptor just like the one that stalked Lex and Tim. The goggles that Zach plays with are from the original T-Rex sequence.
22. The original script was completed in three weeks pushing for an early release. But Steven Spielberg decided he needed more time and slowed down the whole process.
23. More easter eggs can be found in the scene where the kids repair a jeep. The jeep#18 that the kids’ repair is the one driven by Hammond in the original movie. And the jeep#19 where Claire and Owen hide is the one driven by Grant and Malcolm when they first arrive in the original movie.
24. The scene where the boys fight over a taser is an exact recreation of the scene in the original movie where Lex and Tim fight over a flashlight.
25. Irrfan Khan, acting as Mr Masrani in the movie, said in an interview that when Jurassic Park was launched in 1993, he didn’t have enough money to pay for his ticket.

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25 Startling Facts About The Jurassic World Movie!
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