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20 Startling Facts About Wizard of Oz Movie

Wizard of Oz is not just a movie. It is legendary. This epic magic based movie has become very popular since its release in 1939. We remember it as a great movie and many of its scenes have become popular and remain so even to this date. But there are some facts behind the movie that will startle you for sure.

20 Wizard of Oz Facts That Were Never Highlighted

20 Startling Facts About Wizard of Oz Movie

  1. Though the Wizard of Oz movie is an all time popular hit and favourite to kids, it actually flopped in 1939 at the box office.
  1. The costume that cowardly lion character wore was actually made using lion pelts to create the original look.
  1. Due to the amount of light used on the sets, the temperature often crossed the mark of 100 degrees.
  1. Actor Ray Bolger who played the scarecrow had to wear that look for a year more as the prosthetics he wore left some marks that took the time to vanish.
  1. The actor who played wizard also played four other roles in the movie. He played professor, doorkeeper, Emerald city cabby and the guard at wizard’s palace.
  1. The actor who played wicked witch burnt her face badly in a scene where she disappears with an explosion.
  1. No actor who played munchkins committed suicide and it was just a rumour.
  1. When tin man cried, it was not the oil that he cried but chocolate syrup that was used as it looked very real.
  1. Buddy Ebsen swapped his role of scarecrow to act as tin man but could not due to serious allergy from aluminium dust. Later it was played by Jack Haley.
  1. The ruby shoes were actually made using silver sequins but shown as red to boast the Technicolor.
  1. Dorothy’s dress was actually pink and it is another Technicolor effect that made it look blue in the movie.
  1. Toto the dog was paid higher than the actors who played munchkins. It earned $125 a week against $50 for munchkins.
  1. The coat professor Marvel wore actually belonged to Frank Baum which was discovered after the tag that read his name. This coat was picked at a second-hand shop.
  1. Jell-O was used to give the horse different colours.
  1. The 1939 movie is not the first but 10th adaptation of the original book.
  1. Wizard of Oz was aired on television in 1956.
  1. Many scenes of wicked witch were cut as they were considered too terrifying for kids.
  1. The good witch played by Billie Burke was actually 54 years old.
  1. Actress Judy Garland had to wear a corset to look younger and leaner.
  1. Actress Judy’s (Dorothy) daughter married actor Jack Haley’s (Tinman) son in 1974 but they split in 1979.

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20 Startling Facts About Wizard of Oz Movie
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